Green Module Home 4.0

A new efficient way of building, integrating smart energy solutions, renewables and innovative steel frames, in order to reduce even more than 30% costruction costs, 50% energy & CO2 and 70% time of realization.

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GMH4.0 Advantages

Green Social Housing


Housing that reaches a zero energy level with a better sturdiness and durability than standard buildings.

The structure is composed by a light gage cold-formed steel frame, treated with zinc and magnesium, with highly performing panels to ensure maximum thermal and acoustic insulation. The frame is highly scalable and it has maximum flexibility in terms of layout and dimensions. The building system always guarantees top quality, fast edification, sturdiness, durability and sustainability.


  • Modular
  • Flexible
  • Strong
  • Safe
  • Durable
  • Top Quality
  • Fast Edification


System able to achieve the prosumer concept and reduce operational expenses for the end user.

GMH 4.0 Technology is 100% geo-efficient. The green engineering of greentech innovation, provided by OV Group, allows to reach best energy efficiency standards at every latitude worldwide (mediterranean, equatorial, nordic latitude). So it is possible, behind an extremely careful design, to reach the Nearly Zero Energy Building condition.


  • Double or triple glass windows
  • Air-tight envelope
  • Cross flow heat recovery for air replacement
  • Heat pump for air conditioning and Domestic Hot Water
  • Renewables Photovoltaic Plant
  • Nearly Zero Energy Building
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Green Energy
  • CO2 Savings


Platform that manages in the best way the “house system” and it ensures a comfort level in line with more expensive buildings.

Energy metering and control system and IoT solution are the key success factors to a useful management of energy in any smart building. This system is developed through the mætrics® platform and generates energy awareness with power and devices active control. An app will be at disposal of every user, and an energy control room will be designed on investor brief for its own supervision. The architecture of the system is designed to manage renewables plants, heat-cold production and energy consumption.


  • Energy meters
  • Instant power control
  • Priority charges management
  • Smartphone App and web platform
  • Operational Cost Efficiency
  • Awareness
  • Automation
  • Metering & Control
  • IoT Platform


Application that reduces the use of new material and resources in the overall process with the opportunity to reuse a big percentage of waste materials.

Sustainability is the real deal we are called to answer in the next few years. The goal passes through a wide concept, the Green & Circular Economy. Our products are designed to respect the Green & Circular Economy pillars and are chosen among a large variety of materials.


  • Long Lasting Steel & 100% Recyclable
  • Sustainable Materials and LEED Certified Panels
  • Reuse of materials from demolition
  • Low energy consumption
  • Steel is long lasting and 100% recyclable
  • Insulation is guaranteed by sustainable materials and/or LEED certified panels
  • Plants, for energy generation or heat/cold supply, are highly efficient and produced by outstanding market leaders
  • Every house is removable and recyclable or reusable

OV Group

OV Group, born from a JV UniCredit - WWF, is a leader outstanding brand company in Green-Economy and Sustainable Finance Investments. The Group has a main stream in Energy Efficiency sector and in three years it has developed over 100M€ operations. OV Group, strategic advisor in EU Smart Cities Projects, is now a leading company with the most advanced know-how in Real Estate and Smart Building - managing ~ 1 million sq.m. - Infrastructures, Retail, Logistics, Industry. Our approach combines greentech and IoT solutions reaching the highest level of efficiency (energy and operational costs). GMH4.0® is enabled by OV Group l Green Engineering department.


OV | Green Capital Alliance (GCA) is a platform to promote and accelerate the market entry of green and scalable innovation in strategic sectors of the economy. Through a network of alliances and with the intervention of sustainable finance, it supports the paradigm shift towards a Circular Economy. OV | GCA has an international network - research centers, universities, accelerators - that allows to identify worldwide ready to market innovations.

Manni Group

Manni Group is a historical industrial organisation based in Verona (Italy) which has been operating in the steel industry for over 70 years.

It promotes innovation in the widest applications involving the working and use of steel. The company is committed to increase sustainable, safe and efficient constructions through a constant commitment to research and development of products, services and solutions for steel constructions, renovation of existing ones, reduction of consumption and emissions and increasing the use of renewable energy.

It controls Manni Sipre, leading company in pre-manufactured steel elements, structural components and systems for the building industry; Isopan, one of the major manufacturers of metal insulating panels for walls and roofs worldwide; and Manni Energy, which designs and manufactures renewable energy systems, ensures energy efficiency and Operations & Maintenance services.


OV energy efficiency projects are always measured* in terms of CO2 emissions avoided and “CO2 Off” branded**.

* OV has developed a partnership with a certification authority for CO2 assessment
** under OV evaluation, considering targets and CO2 reduction plan


Since 2013, companies and projects which have implemented their energy efficiency operations with Officinæ Verdi have had the opportunity to join "CO2 Off" platform and account the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions related to their interventions. The Platform is coherently developed together with the WWF environmental vision, and allows companies to contribute to the CO2 emissions reduction goals and to the climate change fight, in compliance with the guidelines given by the Paris Agreement on Climate Change (COP21).


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